Error: The blog post does not exist or you manually updated the blog category in Shopify

Remember: When using the Bloggle app, blog posts should be updated in the app, not in the Shopify back office.

This error may occur when you try to publish or unpublish a blog in the Bloggle app.

It can happen in two cases:

  1. Someone manually removed the blog post in your Shopify back office.
    1. Check if the blog post exists in Shopify. If yes, go to 2
    2. If the blog post does not exist anymore, we recommend you duplicate the blog post you are working on in the Bloggle app and work on this new article. You can then remove the former blog post in the Bloggle app.
  2. You manually changed the blog post category in the Shopify back office
    1. Find the blog post in the Shopify back office
    2. Update the blog post category to be the same as in the Bloggle editor
    3. Make the category change in the Bloggle editor
  3. You removed the blog category of the blog post
    1. Contact our support at
  4. If you cannot find an answer, contact our support at

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