Tracking blog performance with Google Analytics 4 integration

Updated 1 month ago by Julien Mamalian

Our app seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), providing valuable insights into your blog's performance. If GA4 is installed on your Shopify store, you can track the following events:

  • bloggle_read_article
    This event is triggered each time a user reads (visits) a blog post created with Bloggle.

    Tracking this event allows you to measure the engagement and popularity of your blog content.
  • bloggle_click_sidebar_product
    This event is triggered when a user clicks on a sidebar product while viewing a blog post. Note that this event is only sent if you are using our Bloggle blog post layout with the sidebar product feature enabled.

    By tracking this event, you can analyze the effectiveness of sidebar product placement and its impact on product discovery.
  • bloggle_click_product
    This event is triggered when a user clicks on a product that is not in the sidebar but in the blog content, such as products featured in a grid, gallery...

    Tracking this event helps you evaluate the performance of various product placements throughout your blog content and understand their influence on user engagement and conversions.

We recommend you to use the official Google app available on the app store to install Google Analytics 4 on your Shopify store

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